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TSI has been a leader in electronics recycling since 2021 with more than four decades of collective experience in the e-waste and ITAD industries.

We are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible and secure end-of-life management for electronics devices. Our best in class and responsible practices have earned us a stellar reputation and trusted partnerships with individuals, businesses, and government agencies seeking sustainable solutions for e-waste disposal.



Downstream Vendor Management, Logical Data Sanitization, Testing, Repair, and Materials Recovery of used electronics.


Full-service end-of-life electronics recycling including collection, sorting, dismantling, testing, and refurbishment.


To promote a greener and more sustainable future by responsibly managing the disposal and recycling of electronic waste. We are committed to minimizing environmental impact, maximizing resource recovery, and ensuring data security throughout the entire recycling process.

“Join us in our commitment to a greener future and together, we can make a difference one device at a time.”